About the OEG in Action category

Connect here for regularly scheduled topical discussions in a number of formats. We aim to highlight people, programs, resources of interest to the Open Education community and a means to interact directly with other active OE educators and leaders.

These formats include:

  • Call For Response. A callout to a topic of interest to get people interesting in contributing to a project or a need for a particular kind of OE resource. For example, see the call for Extraordinary Educator Responses to COVID-19.
  • OEG Connect Live Conversations. Followup discussions from our monthly live webcasts.
  • OE Award Winner Spotlight Get to know and ask questions a past winner of an OE award.
  • Discipline / Topic of interest. We provide platform where anyone with a particular Open Education focus to launch a discussion on their specific topic of interest.
  • I am an Open Educator, Ask Me About What I Do. A Reddit style session where someone with experience or expertise in an an area is available to answer questions about… anything related to their area .
  • Open Education… Not in English. Here is an opportunity to engage in dialogue, discussion in your language. We welcome others to help bridge the discussions by translating specific requests for responses.
  • Open Education Curation. Over a specified of time, we aim to curate resources, examples in a particular discipline or area of interest.

We welcome other ideas on formats as well as knowing anyone willing to help lead or participate in one of these sessions.