Anyone Interested in Open Music Collaboration?

We are very sure there are attendees at the conference with an interest in as well as the skills in music. Who is up for some kind of activity around sharing, re-mixing, or maybe maybe making music together?

This is spawned by Melanie’s message to a thread elsewhere in OEG Connect where we shared some sources of open licensed music:

Some things that could happen here might be:

  • What are your favorite sources for finding open licensed music? Share them in a reply
  • Do you have favorite artists or tracks that are open licensed? Share them in a reply, with a link
  • Is anyone here interested in maybe doing some collaborative editing or recording of music? We could make use of web tools like or to set up a place to put together some music (or perhaps you know of other tools that do this?)

We leave it to you, conference attendees, to jump in, reply, and see what happens.


I am up for creating some open licensed music. I have my podcasts up here. These are the ones for science storytelling. I have others which I have been lazy enough not to upload them yet. :see_no_evil:
Looking forward to some collab. :grinning:

here’s one of mine…

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I am pinging @phb256 @IrwinD here to see if they have ideas or want to instigate some music-ness.

I’m kind of a part-time one-armed man this week, so my musical abilities are limited. But maybe we could remix parts of recorded sessions with Garageband beats to make some Funky OE.

A little music never can hurt. Reporting for duty.

Musicians above - nice work. I just recently released my first EP and also use music and sound effects with my online students and they LOVE it.

if anyone wants to start with a concept and a beat, bass line, melody, some structure, and sends it to me I can get it going in Logic Pro X. Paul - Garageband would be perfect.


It would be great to build it around some selected quotes from what people are posting at the microphone. Have there been any takers yet?

Thanks for your clip @GinoFransman I used it in posting a recording of our OEG Voices recording session today.

@IrwinD I have the Beneath the Snow track from your shared music for the next recording (I know that cover art!). If anyone wants to post/create another track, I have two more sessions planned Thursday.


Familiar landscape I’m sure! I didn’t send it as a contribution - just a sample with the other musicians to see what we’re doing and think about styles to produce something musical to share with the conf. So thnx but no need to share the album itself, it’s not even relevant! Irwin

Relevant shmelavent. Okay, what can we do to quickly create a track we can use for music in the recordings I’m making here (next open mic is 7pm PT)

I don’t really know how to use Garageband or Logic, but I made a loop and remixed Rory McGreal’s presentation:

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Here ya go buddy!

(Attachment OEglobal - Irwin CC-BY.mp3 is missing)

Can you try again? I needed to add mp3 as an allowable upload type (my bad)


Start of a little sumthing I’m working on with my son Justin on drums.

Alan another intro piece if you need more.


It’s been a day! 3 of 5.
Some energy, while WAILING…
it’s allowed. Have fun with it.

Open Music.


so nice hearing your tunes @GinoFransman! that instrument sounds like a theremin!

here something I made years ago playing around with Garageband! :guitar:

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