Be Part of the OEG Voices Podcast Opening Segment

As part of the theme of many voices featured in the OEG Voices podcast we open each episode with an introduction inspired by the Mailchimp ad popularized in the original Serial podcast.

We asks guests on the show to record the text of the intro (see below) but we also invite anyone interested to contribute to the “mix” created via a web tool. There you can listen to random mixes (and what we are to create a different introduction for each OEG Voices episode). See… er hear the mixer in action:

Be Part of the Intros! Record/Share Your Voice

If you are willing to add your voice, create an audio recording of the text below. You can use any tool you like. Some easy to use on click, no account needed, web-based audio recorders include Vocaroo or Sodaphonic Boombox. Both save your audio as a link you can send us.

Record this ideally at an even pace, but with a natural sounding voice. It’s okay to pause at the end of sentences, we will use just a few portions in the final editing. It is best if recorded in a quiet area (a clothes closet is ideal!).

Hello and welcome to OEG Voices, a podcast bringing to you the voices and ideas of open educators from around the world. OEG Voices is produced by Open Education Global, a member-based, non-profit organization supporting the development and use of open education globally. Learn more about us at

There’s much to take in at a global level. We hope to bring you closer to how open education is working by hearing the stories of practitioners, told in their own voices. Each episode introduces you to a global open educator and we invite you to later engage in conversation with them in our OEG Connect community.

You can reply here and upload an mp3 audio file using the (Add Image/File button) or you can email it to

Note that any audio shared is considered to be shared under a Creative Commons CC BY license

Thanks for adding your voice to the OEG Voices intro!


Our mellifluous voices and diverse accents are part of the charm, right?
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Will do! By when do you need it?

No rush, Judith. Sometime before end of 2021? :wink:

Excellent! But I’ll try to do it sooner than later lest I forget. Thanks, Alan!

Here you go! Let me know if for any reason you need me to re-record – super easy with Vocaroo!

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Thanks Judith. It’s beyond perfect!

I like using Vocaroo for short clips and asking students for audio as it does not require a login, personal info, and published to a public URL.

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You are too kind! Yes, after futzing around on my Mac with Quicktime, Garage Band, and Voice Memos, I realized that Vocaroo was simplest for creating and downloading a basic mp3 file. So thanks for helping me learn about a new tool, Alan.


Here ya go!!
OER voices RJ|audio

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So good and so appreciative. I am eager to put this together. Thanks, Rajiv!

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(Did two takes so you can choose…)

Thanks Alex, I might just use both :wink: When it is convenient, can you enable the SoundCloud permissions to allow downloads? I’d prefer not doing the audio version of a screen capture!

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Oops! Sorry.
Made the change.

Wanted to share the .wav directly here. Sounds like it’s not a supported filetype.

Ha! Vocaroo allows for uploads as well! And it’s available in French!
I’ll definitely suggest it for teachers.
So, here’s that .wav again.

Yes, the site only accepts uploads for mp3! But no worries I got it via both your SoundCloud and Vocaroo links.

Just for fun and to see how it works, I made a recorder using H5P. It only saves .wav files, so I made a change to allow those now as uploads.

Note, this appears to not be working, it is generating an HTTPS error, leaving it here for testing and reporting… As it turns out, the Discourse platform strips out the necessary portion of the embed code that triggers a request to access the microphone. Until further notice, I refer anyone interested in the same H5P recorder in use here.

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Hey @cogdog! Here is the recording of my intro. So easy to do with Vocaroo!

View on Vocaroo >>

Now I’m challenging @moodler, @lcbyoung and @Katsu to do the same one and pass the torch to another Board Member.

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Thanks Lena, it sounds great. I am hoping to make a web tool that will randomly assemble a new version to hear, and thus we can have a different one for each episode.

And also thanks for putting the challenge out there, there’s no urgent pressure beyond keeping up with your board president :wink: