EDI Community Guide

We are building here a new community of practice hosted by Open Education Global, aimed at professional development in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). Learn how to join and participate in our Community Guide.

As an open group, note that all discussions here are readable by anyone on the internet. To participate, however, we ask that you create an account on OEG Connect and that you join our EDI Community of Practice group (this also means you will get occasional updates).

Join OEG Connect

If you do not have an account here, we make it easy for any open educator to join via the blue button in the top right. For more details, see Creating an OEG Connect Account in our community guide.

Otherwise, make sure you are logged in to your account, again via the buttons in the top right.

For your new account or others with accounts that need a refresher, see the New Steps for OEG Connect Users on customizing your account.

Joining the EDI Group

This Community of Practice is public to view, but to reply and be part of the conversations, you need add yourself to our community group.

You will find it easy to join the group via the group membership page.

On the group page you will also a listing of current members to explore and/or send messages to. You can leave the group anytime via the same page.

Using OEG Connect

OEG Connect is conversational. From any topic you read in this area, if you are in the EDI Community Group, you will see and can use the reply button. The best place to start is to post an introduction so the community can know more about you.

Please refer to our OEG Connect Guide and especially tips for writing your messages here.

If you have any issues in OEG Connect, send a message to our @help team or email us connect@oeglobal.org


Within the general community, the following topics are available for conversation.

  • Introduce Yourself - say hello, reply to others, make connections here. Share your work, your interest n EDI, anything that can help us get to know each other better.
  • Ask and Offer Resources Share your recommended articles, books, videos, presentations about EDI. If you are looking for something in particular, as here.
  • Open Discussions Use this space to launch any other topics of interest.

We are in process of setting up an EDI reading group for the summer of 2021.