Getting Started for the conference in OEG Connect

The OEG Connect environment is driven by the activity of conversations and might seem unstructured. Here are a few suggestions for getting started, but you are also welcome to explore as you go.

Again, this is a place for anyone interested in the conference topic who wants to participate, whether you will be in Edmonton or not.

Everything here is open for the world to see, but to participate, you will need to login to OEG Connect (if you previously created an account) or signup for a new account.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3… or 1-2-3-4

  1. Complete your Connect Profile. If you are new to connect or maybe have not updated your account in a while, please visit your OEG Connect Profile to provide as much information that you would like others to see.
  2. Join the Conference Directory. Show your interest in the conference by adding yourself to the group for the OE Global 2023 Conference Commons
  3. Set Notifications Look in the top right of the [discussion space](main common space) for the :bell: bell icon- click to set your notifications to “Watching” which keeps you informed of new activity when you return to Connect.
  4. Read and Reply See the latest conversations to find something you can contribute to or start a new one via the New Topic button.

For more see the Guide to OEG Connect

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