Help us Collect all the Open __________ Days, Weeks

As my colleague @IslaHF wrote, Open Education Week is never “over” and a few more related events were listed.

And we do hear from people desiring a change in the timing, especially as it is not optimal for organizations in the southern hemisphere as the first week in March is often when their semesters start. That’s why we adopt an approach of “Do it when it works for you”, and we will promote during the week we always fo,

And there are Open _______ Days/Weeks that happen throughout the year. Can we just collect them and make it into some kind of resource?

The reply to this topic is going to be in wiki format, meaning if you know of an event that should be added to the list, you can edit it!

Please edit this to add the dates, links, and organizers for any Open Education Day, Week, or other related events. Maybe we can organize them all!

All the Open Days/Weeks in 2024 that Occur outside of Open Education Week

Add in chronological order please in format of

date, [title](link), Organizer