:connect: 🥑 New OEG20 emojis

As part of the conference, @jure suggested creating custom emojis :101: that can be used in :connect:

So I am adding some examples here, such as :sync: or :async:

Perhaps some :covid: or :open_smiley:

Or the always useful :cc: and :copy:

Any ideas for new emojis? @cogdog

I love this idea! How fun.

:101: maybe in a steel color? It looks a little, well, like flesh, and maybe like a body part :wink:

Possible ideas:

  • Something to represent Convo and Collab?
  • something to represent Awards? Sponsors?
  • One for OEG? CCCOER?
  • Possibly one to represent the host/co-hosts?

I can generate all kinds of ideas :scream_cat:

:smiley_cat: oh no! ok updated the :101: building… I’ll make a few more, it is really fun!

We can have some :oeg: :cccoer: & :oelatam: :sun:

projects like :trophy: & :oeweek:

Even some food like :avocado:

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You can add emojis to topic titles too! :mango: Sadly only one per title :frowning:

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Those make the browser tabs fun… emj

Wonder is :101: is Taipei what do we offer for Delft? :tulip: windmill? wooden shoe?

And for Ontario? CN tower? a Loon? :ice_hockey:

That’s an admin setting, I bumped it to 3 emoji’s per title

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New emojis
:tudelft: :wooden_shoe: :delft:
:ecampus: :cntower:

:oer: :oelatam_color: :ocw:

:totem: :korn: :fish: :chili: :parrot:

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You are on :fire:

That’s brilliant, do these show up in the picker? Or maybe we make a reference list…

:parrot: it shows when you start typing :

Maybe a cheat sheet for these emojis?

Here is a document with the shortcuts available.

We sure :heart_eyes: these (this is a small test, but it is genuine)

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What about adding some special flair for OEG members? Is it possible to set it so that only members could actually choose the flair for their profile?

Certainly can, anyone who asks or gets added to the Members group can select it’s icon as “flar” if you are logged in you can choose your flair via https://connect.oeglobal.org/my/preferences/account

The options depend on what groups you are part of

The problem us now we use a generic OEG icon for the members group. It would be better to create a new icon that would work also at the tiny size of flair.

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Would this icon work?.. we can test to see if it looks ok…