OEGlobal 2021 Partner: Pressbooks

Pressbooks support people and institutions in building and sharing ideas. Our users—educators, writers, researchers, scholars, artists, makers—are equipped with powerful tools to create, adapt, and share content.

While Pressbooks is a versatile tool with a myriad of applications, it has grown into the preferred platform for open educational publishing programs. There was a need for an easy-to-use platform on which to create professional educational content in an open and ethical way, and we responded.

Today, we want to drive the open publishing movement by partnering with institutions of higher education around the world. We help our partners compete with large commercial publishers, while supporting their immediate need to get accessible educational content into the hands of students. As we lead the open movement, we will remain good listeners and good actors. We will keep developing products and services that do good in the world. We will be your partner in open publishing.

OEGlobal appreciates the support of Pressbooks as a partner in the UNESCO OER Recommendation Annotation Activity

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Message us during the conference @Pressbooks-Leigh

:link:  https://pressbooks.com/
twitter https://twitter.com/pressbooks
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Leigh thanks so much for Pressbooks support of the OEGlobal 2021 conference UNESCO OER Recommendation Annotation Activity. We really appreciate it.

For those of you new to Pressbooks their suite of products makes it easy to create, adapt, and share educational material. The Pressbooks authoring & editing platform enables the writing and adaptation of open textbooks many of which can be found in the Pressbooks Directory. I especially appreciate the intriguing curated collection of open education books which include important works such as an OER Student Toolkit, Open Pedagogy and more.


Thanks @paulstacey - wow, never heard about https://pressbooks.directory/

Almost 3000 books there, with useful faceted search, nearly a half of publications are openly licensed (plus many more are usable with some restrictions). Educators and librarians are going to love this… :wink:

Thank you @Pressbooks-Leigh for being the partner of the conference! :heart:

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Thanks for the awesome introduction @paulstacey

@jan, here at the Pressbooks (virtual) office we’re just as excited about the Directory as you are. Recently, we hired an in-house librarian to help us curate collections of OER around different subjects. Check out our collection hub to see our librarian’s work: Start your OER journey at the Collections Hub | Pressbooks

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