OEGlobal23 Conference Pulse (Poll): How are You Participating?

We like using the polls in the OEG Connect platform to take a “pulse” on the community here, so expect to see more in the next few weeks!

Because this is set up as a common place for those who will be attending the conference in person and those who cannot be there but are interested in participating in and contributing to the experience through this platform.

Please let us know how you will be participating, but also, add a reply below to elaborate and help us understand how we can make this be of value to those who are In Edmonton and those who are not able to join us in person.

How are you participating in OEGlobal 2023?
  • I will be in Edmonton to attend in person
  • I cannot be there but I wish to be part of the conference in some manner
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If you are attending in person, in what ways might you see us extending the experience using this platform?

If you are unable to be in Edmonton, in what ways can we offer for you to contribute to the conference experience? See and add to this discussion

Establishing communication links between participants who attend from the same country.

Thinking about it !! I am unable to join in person but see my empty space in the conference programme and wondering how I might help to fill it and contribute from afar :thinking: :heart_eyes:. One suggestion was to make a very short video. My session was to share my developing thoughts about ’ Possibilities and challenges of ‘Open Theory Building’ to address technology-enabled organisational learning and improvement for complex fragmented problems in HE and beyond’, which is progressing on from my completed PhD at the UK Open University.

Greetings to everyone from Milton Keynes, UK :wave: