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What’s cool? Framadate - Polls for event organizing

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The “dates” polls allow you to collaboratively determine the date and time (the place, online, in-person, etc.) of a meeting that suits everyone.

Framadate offers a free, alternative to commercial platforms for scheduling the best time for meetings and events.

Where is it?: https://framadate.org/

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I also like https://jawanndenn.de/ because of its simplicity and also because it’s built with Django. Its README on GitHub lists several libre alternatives, in alphabetic order:

There is some kind of poetry happening here!

Get away from Doodle
Shall we Croodle with a Dudle?
Or perhaps Noodle a Foodle?
Dude? Dudel?

These are great to see though I suspect not the type of approaches mere humans might deploy.