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What’s of interest? Teaching with AI checklist – Dave Cormier

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I pulled together my notes from the last 9 months of doing sessions on Generative AI and compiled them yesterday. Shout out to Nick Baker for adding some things, editing some things and overall making it more nicely to readish.

Every time I approach this issue I keep thinking that so much more and probably a lot less should be said. Every time I meet with a group of faculty or teachers on this issue we go through a few phases

Boredom, kinda, as I explain what generative AI is.

A bit of ‘yeah, this doesn’t apply to me, my courses…’

A demonstration where I take their actual assignments and complete them in 30 seconds using generative AI


And then, hope. Hope when they realize that the only solution is good teaching.

That is in no way meant to reflect a statement about all faculty or teachers. I only really get the ones who care about teaching and their students.

Anyway… this is what I’ve been telling them.

Where is it?: http://davecormier.com/edblog/2023/09/08/teaching-with-ai-checklist/

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