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Hello new individual members of OE Global! We are so excited that you have joined our community! Please introduce yourself here in this thread. Tell us a little bit about yourself and maybe add a photo (of yourself, or a pet, or a place?). We are looking forward to finding more ways to make your OE Global membership work for you! Tell us about your ideas!


My name is Micah Followay and currently the Reference/Instruction Librarian at Campbellsville University in Kentucky (USA). When not teaching students how to research in the classroom or by personal appointments, I am the point person helping faculty/staff find OER/OAR along with adding resources to our library guides for other to use. I’ve been in this position for almost a year and a half. Prior to this job I worked for a large public library system for over ten years.


Long time poster, first time member… :wink:

Alex Enkerli, technopedagogue at Collecto, a non-profit providing a variety of services to Quebec’s education networks.
To my mind, technopedagogy seeks to ensure that technology isn’t an obstacle to learning. An anthropologist by trade, I define technology very widely. Anything that humans have created to engage with our environment may count, along with these things’ usage patterns and the knowledge surrounding them.

I’m based in Tiohtiá:ke (aka Montreal), on the unceded traditional territory of the Kanien’kehà:ka, a land with deep and active connections to many groups. I was born and raised here though I did live in a few other parts of the World.

OE’s my specialty, especially in terms of going beyond OERs. These days, I collapse a number of those ideas under the “rubric” of Epistemic Justice. With a central question:

Who decides what counts as knowledge worth learning?

As some might expect, this thinking goes well with “Ways of Knowing” (e.g. Belenky et al., itself linked to Perry’s scheme). Yes, decolonization and indigenization. Acknowledging and, indeed, celebrating knowledges from the “Global South” instead of maintaining the International Development model of sending material southwards. And it goes beyond institutions dedicated to formal learning. The OE connection here is very deep. Instead of a topdown approach dictating the material that teachers have to drill down learners’ heads, it’s about the very definition of Open Pedagogy from the 1960s and 1970s, at least in the Quebec version. Morgan did a nice job showcasing this work. It’s also very easy to understand in a simple chart in French (PDF), comparing Open Pedagogy to Free Pedagogy, Encyclopedic Pedagogy, and Closed Pedagogy.

As you might notice, I tend to digress. :wink:

So, back to my intro as an individual member.
My goal, here, is to connect diverse spheres so that we can bring the OE movement forward. As OE tends to be part of my professional identity, becoming a member is a way to get beyond the “I’m an Open Educator sticker” on my personal computer. It could merge into a culture of recognition through what Stacey called “Landscape of Open” prior to his stint as OEG’s Executive Director.

In terms of bio… Might as well paraphrase my usual blurb…
Prior to my current job, I’ve worked in a number of contexts, from academia to public service and from community organizations to a few private corporations. Out of 30 jobs, my current one is my favourite, though I do miss teaching. (From 1999 to 2019, I had the privilege of teaching ethnographic disciplines at nine universities in three states and three provinces.)

As might be obvious from my frequent posts, here on Connect, I tend to get interested in diverse topics, from inclusive musical learning and pedagogical efficacy to metadata and platforms.


Hello all,
My name is Moshe Rachmuth, and I’m an assistant professor at Portland State University.
I work with students on educational computer games about resource sharing, and positive scenarios of the Prisoner’s Dilemma and the Tragedy of Commons.
I hope to have a link to share this summer (2023) or before the end of the year.
Hoping to staying in touch with you all,


Thank you so much for adding. I am Dr Deepika Kohli from India. Serving teacher educational institution since 2009. I am active memebr of CCGN and developer OE4BW UNESCO. I am an advocate of Open Education, Open Educational Resources and Open Learning.You may connect me here:


I am very excited to be an individual member. I am a Retention Coordinator at St. Clair College, in Chatham and Windsor, Ontario. I have been trying to promote OER and Open Practices for about four years now and I hope that being part of OE Global will give me ideas, tools and support to continue this work. I have been working with our Centre for Academic Excellence and am pleased to tell you that we have added new resources for faculty about OER on our website.


I am Ravi Bhattarai from Nepal and a long-time advocate, author and active in open source, open education and open business proponent and practitioner. i am looking to share common goals, partnerships and collaborations around a shared vision.

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Welcome Ravi! I hope you will find value in our OE Global community!

Welcome Micah!
I am so happy you have joined our community here!

Hi Moshe!
It’s really great to see you here in our OE Global member space!

Here’s an official welcome @Enkerli !! You’ve been supporting us on oeg connect and elsewhere for a while – it is good to make your membership official!! :wink:


As a staff member, it is so exciting to welcome you - some new (and some experienced) faces – as OEG Members!

For those of you that are new to OEG Connect – @followaymicah @drdeepikakohli @IreneStewart @axonrb – I thought I would just drop some links to help you settle into the forum aspect of the membership …

Firstly, OEG is a safe space - you can find all the details you need to know below - they also extend beyond OEWeek!

Here are some other helpful TOP TIPS!


Happy to be here in Open Community! I am Sushumna Rao from Hyderabad, India. I believe being Open and having Open attitude gave me a great future and equipped me with many skills too! I am here to connect, share with fellow OER practitioners and collaborate to create/ share/learn something useful to the Ed-tech community and the world.


So great to see you here Sushumna!

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HI Karen and et!

I am an academic staff member from San Antonio, Texas who has her Master’s degree in Library Science but I work outside the library with faculty and students on creating, licensing open materials. My focus is on multilingual open pedagogy for students to enhance their marketable skills through portfolio and experiential credits. I appreciate OEG for the individual membership because I feel that most of my work could be transferable if I change positions. This flexibility allows me to be able to lead more often at my college! In addition, I am an alum of the Regional Leaders of Open Education Network| OEGlobal|CCCOER with Karen!


I am so glad to see you here Beatrice! :heartpulse:

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Welcome, Irene! It’s wonderful to cross paths again, and appreciating your creative energy in Ontario Extend (do you still use your web domain?)

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Thank you very much for this opportunity. My name is Luis Fernando Olvera Castaños. I am a postgraduate and technological high school teacher in Tamaulipas, Mexico with nearly 25 years in the educational field.

Fellow member UNESCO/ICDE international stay Open educational movement for Latin America.

My areas of interest and research are focused on research and innovation through technology and e-learning, in addition to pedagogy and active methodologies for the application of ICT and STEAM/STEM.

I have collaborated on PAPIIT projects at UNAM.
Curator of digital content, and facilitator of educational experiences.

Hoping to gain exposure and be an active participant in this important international community of open and research-innovative educational experiences.

Luis Olvera.

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My name is Józefa (Polish name pronounced You-Zeffa) Fawcett and I am a pracademic working around the world with one foot in academia and the other in industries (lots of them).

I have created my own privately-owned Academy and offer CPD hours and accreditation with a view to ensuring professionals around the world create a better workplace than we had pre-pandemic.

My focus is developing empathic team leaders and operational managers that are fit for the future, not followers of the past.

Hello :smiley:

Hello! I’m Dênia Falcão from the south of Brazil, I’ve been working with teacher training in the use of digital technologies for a long time, I have training and I’m an advocate of open practices and resources in education. I’m here to update myself and share common goals whether in partnerships and collaborations around this vision. :sunflower: