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Hello and welcome Jeff, glad to see you here. I have passing experience and awareness of IMathAS, oh wait, I did install it when working on a BCcampus project where we evaluated also Numbas and WebWork. But I know my former colleagues at the Maricopa Community Colleges use it at a large scale as well as seeing it used at other places.

Your question here is a good one to ask more broadly in this community, and it might be seen here in a hello thread. I might suggest to you (and others asking good questions like this), to create it as a new topic say in the general OEG Plaza area where it might get more visibility…as an open community space, it gets messy sometimes, and we are looking to find a more visible place to launch good requests like this.

Peace back at you from someone who always loved math as student, Alan.

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Hello! I am Zena Patton, a Librarian who is passionate about data literacy; looking for employment, and a Salesforce Tableau Community Leader Ambassador! I am so glad to be a part of the OE Global community! Also, I would like to thank OE Global for the individual member offering because it will help professionals like myself to achieve our goals. :stars:
Feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/zena-patton-datazen/ I am looking forward to collaborating, exploring, and sharing with you!