You Can Do THAT in a Web Browser?

The web, as originally envisioned, is a unifying platform that works everywhere on any device. Have you come across some tools that only need a web browser to run in (no special software or plugins or specific browsers) that made you say, “Wow, I never thought you could do that in a web browser?”

These examples are just as some starting examples, ones I have used before in workshops.

Inspirograph- a web version of the old Spirograph

Also - for interactive web art

Try web-based musical instruments, like WebSID

Or visual storytelling like Short Trip

And one of my favorite ways to show that Wikipedia is a living, growing entity, the audio visualization of current activity via Listen to Wikipedia

There are almost an infinite number of “Wow” makers in the CodePen picks, interactive and design examples created in just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

What have you come across in your web browsing that makes you stop and say “WOW”?

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