Get Your Digital Badge for Hosting a #OEWeek 2023 Event

Like last year we are offering digital badge for those who are advancing awareness of open education by hosting events during Open Education Week 2023.

We are providing these microcredentials via Canvas Badges (formerly known as Badgr). Your own digital badge contains with in it the verifiable credential with evidence of this achievement. They can be shared anywhere open the badge standard is supported.

Please help us test this capability and at the same time obtain your OEweek Event Host badge. See below for the steps to earn your badge.

Note we also offer badges for contributing assets or resources for Open Education Week as well as Super Sharer badges for posting summaries of activities in OEG Connect.

Event Hosting Badge Criteria

You have already done much work by organizing an OEweek event, so earning the badge is easy.

Following your event, please enter a reply below with the following information

  • OEWeek Event URL The event has been contributed to the OEWeek site and appears in the published events. Thus your event is available at a web address like
  • Short Summary There are so many events happening, and it is valuable to share what happened at yours. Yes, numbers of participants is helpful, but please include any specific highlights e.g. photos, social media responses, or links to more resources. This need not be more than a paragraph.

This badge can be yours by just replying to this message. We will send it to the email address in your OEG Connect profile.

Who wants a badge?

  • OEWeek Event URL Open Education Week - The EdTech Maker Space: Using Service Learning to Crowdsource High-Quality OER

  • Short Summary The EdTech Maker Space uses service learning to crowdsource OER. Teachers learn new tech tools and apply them in the creation or curation of quality resources. It was exciting to hear from one of our attendees their interest in applying this model to the work they’re doing in Africa, as we are exploring similar opportunities to use the EdTech Maker Space internationally as a solution for building teacher tech capacity while also generating much-needed relevant digital resources.

If possible, please send a badge to my co-presenter Dr. Jennifer Maddrell.

Thank you Rachel both for presenting and requesting a badge! We have made a 2023 version which should be on its way to you and Jennifer ASAP.

Our Foundation’s OE Week 2023 Activity

We have used @sushumna’s Rubric for H5P activity creation with additional criteria, namely Aligned with learning outcomes & Interactivity level (inserted screenshot).

We’ll evaluate the participant’s work and award a certificate based on the completion of the asynchronous forum, H5P and lesson activities assigned in the OE Week 2023 FDP | 3-Day Virtual FDP on Creating Engaging OER for Engineering Education course page.

We have showcased our OEWeek23 activities on Twitter.

Both of us @Indira and @sushumna deserve a badge for hosting a #OEWeek 2023 event.


You absolutely deserve a badge, Indira! Thank you for sharing a summary that demonstrates well the activity. I was very pleased to hear from @shushumna on the Tuesday OEWeek Live show how the rubric was collaboratively developed following from conversations here in OEG Connect.

Your badges are on the way!


Thank you for setting this up Alan. CCCOER had 3 events this week, and I couldn’t have done it without members of our executive council! I would like to request badges for @JudithSebesta, @LoriBeth, @Acorbett, and @waydeo who helped organize and facilitate this week’s presentations. Also, @tc2021 definitely deserves a badge for her excellent presentation, The Advantages of Using OER Among the Disadvantaged yesterday.

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And we couldn’t have done it without YOU!

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Thanks Liz! If I managed this right, the badges are in the email.

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Received it!! Thank You!!

Thank You @Indira that was a great workshop and had good time with faculty while training them on H5P!! I received badge. :blush:

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Thank you. Added badge to my LinkedIn profile.

I’m from Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai. We organised Two-Day Create-A-Thon, Repurposing OER and Creating H5P Interactive OER under the guidance of Ms.Sushumna Rao Tadinada.
The faculty of the college have published more than 100 interactive open education resources using H5P during OE Week 2023. These resources have been developed and repurposed by the faculty to be used in our teaching. The resources were self-evaluated by the faculty using the rubric developed by @sushumna.
I request you to provide badges to all the faculty who have contributed for the same.

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Warm greetings, Veena.

That is wonderful news to hear of how much new H5P content was generated in the Create-A-Thon (is there a place we can explore them?)

I am not clear who you are requesting badges to be sent to; we are issuing OEweek badges to people who hosted events or shared resources listed on the OEWeek site. If you are asking to generate badges for the 100 workshop participants mentioned, we cannot do that as that this was not an event we supervised.

Our badges are issued using the free service from, it is not too complex to establish Ethiraj College as an issuer and send badges to your participants.

Please excuse me if I have mis-read your question. Just hearing the success of this workshop is great news for us.

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