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OEG Plaza

Visit our plaza or virtual town square to say hello, connect with others, or use as a place to start any conversation.

Open Education Week

Welcome to the OEG Connect space for 2021 Open Education Week (OE Week), an area to post highlights of events and also available to anyone to organize activities with attached discussion. Think of this as the town square of OE Week, where you can share and discuss what is happening across the many offerings taking place.

OEG Big Picture

Connect here for discussion of high level and strategic topics in Open Education. This might include trends, research, impact studies, policy, legal, relationship to other forms of openness (such as open access, open science, open data, and open government), and global efforts to adopt and implement open education.

OEG Practical

This part of the community is where we can share the practical aspect of open education- how to get started, creation, sharing, remixing of OE materials, licensing, platforms, translation.

OEG in Action

Connect here for regularly scheduled topical discussions in a number of formats. We aim to highlight people, programs, resources of interest to the Open Education community and a means to interact directly with other active OE educators and leaders.

OE Global 2020

Welcome the OE Global 2020 conference hosted by Taipei Medical University, 16-20 November, 2020. The lobby is where you can find the conference activity areas and see all conversations in one place (more information…)