"Bridge curriculum" for assessments and courses (esp math)

Tomorrow I’m meeting w/ 2 folks from our Adult Ed program at the community college. I work in the library doing tutoring, as I have for the past 20+ years, helping folks get from visual and concrete to algebra and statistics :wink: I’ve also done some small projects curating and creating OER for students trying to figure out the fundamentals of math.
Our esteemed college has some funds (I don’t know howmuch) to put together a “bridge curriculum for students to complete outside of the academic process to prepare students for the required assessments in the classroom.” Things need to be spent by 12/23. THe adult ed folks know this has been my passion for decades, so we’re getting together tomorrow…
In the Vast Overreach category: I would love to be on a design team to create this curriculum and creatively define “outside of the academic process” and actually spend the time and resources that could do that!
but in the meantime, I have oh, 19 hours to explore that idea. The funds are to be spent on the likes of texts and software and teaching materials, and student stipends for students to try those materials. I know there’s OER stuff out there but I’m thinking other factors will matter as much as the content.
The world doesn’t need another MOOC for these folks. I’m thinking that “Outside of the academic process” means it’s Not A Formal Course At The College, but it could be a course in the community, so it could be a website with printable materials , visuals, activities to do with manipulatives, geogebra.org… Hmmm. What can we create to make math less of a barrier?