The 2024 Call for Stories from Previous Award Winners

Last year we put a call for OE Award Impact Stories and got a wonderful response, part of the whole collection of stories we organize at

Now we are asking again for 2024, especially as the call for nominations opens May 13. Your stories can directly influence the suggestions. It’s all about helping others to be inspired.

We ask anyone who has received an Open Education Award for Excellence or been part of a project, resource recognized? Elsewhere we have asked for video stories, but here we offer the opportunity to share in a quick reply your impact story, perhaps a quote we can use?

With your story, share the link to the award and anything else (photos? web links? anecdotes?) connected to your award-- what has been not only its impact on you but what has happened for you?

Let’s see if tagging some people helps! Putting a call out to past winners that are here in OEG Connect! Share your story… @mahabali @Jennryn @PatrinaLaw @Dawne @bdelosarcos @greeneterry @bryanmcgeary @riehmanmurphy @LornaMCampbell @tannismorgan @chrissinerantzi @GinoFransman @wernerio @wfvanvalkenburg @Alegria @rjhangiani @hofera @apurva @AbbeyElder @skatz @mkgold @Shinta @andylane @RobertFarrow @JamesGG @DaveDillon

What’s your story? Please share here or add a short video to our Flip Mixtape

And in the interest of flexibility, we can also use your story, message in audio form (like 3 minutes or so?). You can reply here and upload an audio file, or record in the web with Vocaroo or Sodaphonic Boombox and send us a link.

Hello? Got an award? Then you have a story. Please share.