OEG Voices 065: Julia Alards-Tomalin on Open Pedagogy behind "Buds Branches Bark"

Originally published at: OEG Voices 065: Julia Alards-Tomalin on Open Pedagogy behind “Buds, Branches and Bark” – OE Global Voices

Our newest episode takes you to Vancouver, Canada, where the voice Julia Alards-Tomalin, faculty at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) describe the inspiring story behind the award winning Buds, Branches, and Bark, recognized with a 2023 Open Awards for Excellence in Open Pedagogy. We can trace the path from Julia’s childhood curiosity about the natural world growing up in Gimli, Manitoba to her studies as an undergraduate at BCIT. Her observation then that the primary time of year, in winter, when students learn to identify plants and trees is a challenge given most guidebooks contain photos and descriptions…

I can be biased, and I do love all the podcasts, but have to let you know that Julia’s energy for her project is very infectious and currently, this is my favorite episode.

For a little bit of useless trivia I shared i the recording (edited out. because its hardly significant), I have been to Gimli!

Sadly I did not coordinate quickly enough to design an Open Education Week activity where I thought we could ask people, especially ones for whom it was winter season, to go outside and share a photo of a plant they tried to identify through Buds, Branches and Bark. Or something to ask Julia to try to identify.

Let’s put this on the plans for Open Education Week 2025.

Until then, perhaps share a photo here of any plant/tree’s buds, branches, or bark. Here is a poplar (un sure what type) here at my home in Saskatchewan.

Nice Buds, Bud flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

Got some buds, bark, or branches? Please share