Online event: Better AI Meetup (Wednesday 2024-04-24)

Planning to attend Better AI Meetup tomorrow at 5PM Central European Time with topic: “Navigating Chaos: How Can AI Help Make Sense of Information Overload” – perhaps it’s of interest to folks here as well? :innocent:

Event date + time in your local time zone: 2024-04-24T15:00:00Z

Event description:

During the 11th volume of Better AI Meetup, we will be talking about how to successfully use AI to identify, qualify and rate online content, spot fraudulent activities and data and make sense of vast amounts of data available.

Our presenters will show us how they use AI & LLMs to spot generated content or misinformation and how LLMs can be harnessed to produce structured, verified, actionable information out of the available data.

(Registration is free.)


I would like to attend. Please send me the link.

Excellent, here is the link to register.