What Did You See Worth Sharing from OEWeek?

Yes we have wrapped Open Education Week, but we keep the light on here at OE Global. There’s so much that happened- we would love to hear what you saw that was memorable, what resources did you come away with that you wanted to share?

For example, see these TikTok styled interviews with participants at OERcamp 2024

Auf dem OERcamp 2024 entstanden Videos, die sich besonders für die Verbreitung via Social Media eignen. In diesen Kurzvideos berichteten Teilnehmende des Camps über interessante Projekte, Materialien und Ideen rund um offene Bildungsmaterialien (OER).

At the OERcamp 2024, videos were created that are particularly suitable for distribution via social media. In these short videos, camp participants reported on interesting projects, materials and ideas related to open educational materials (OER).

Someone has to respond, might was well be me. I have a text document with a few links I tracked from various sessions and from the OEWeek Live conversations we ran during OEWeek.

From conversations about AI for translating OERs about AI (see what I did there?

Just a link drop, do you have some from OE Week?