It's a wrap, but is OEWeek ever really over?

OE Week 2024 was an incredible visual expression of the strength and passion of the open education community worldwide. We are so honoured that so many organisations and individuals dedicated so much time and energy to making OEWeek 2024 a success.

We have created a review of the week (month) long schedule of events and Open Education assets that were contributed. You can read all about this incredible collective effort below:

We have gathered quite a few posts and articles that documented your events and activities over OE Week 2024, but we haven’t got everything!

Please share your reviews, insights and celebrations below! Click the REPLY button!

And for extra points … please spare 3 minutes to share your feedback. Answer the budgie below:hearts:

Here’s the direct link to the survey if you want to do it in your own time!

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As demonstrations of the ongoingness of Open Education Week, check out the series of online events May 14-17 at the University of Regina Open Education Bootcamp and earlier this month, All Things Open at Kennesaw State University.

If you are hosting or participating in other Open Education Anytime Weeks, please share some details in our OE Events area.

As @IslaHF notes, the week in March is just to raise attention to what is ongoing, around the world.