Library Futures is Seeking Project Proposals

A fantastic opportunity from Library Futures to get funding for “bold ideas” especially from public librariies

We are soliciting proposals from library workers, advocates, and researchers who want to explore their boldest questions and ideas in libraries. The format can range from a podcast to a blog post to a longer research paper to a model template you’ve used for institutional and community buy in—we’re open! See a list of topic ideas on the application form. We want to encourage experimentation and creativity and will promote your project using our networks and channels.

We encourage all to apply and will be prioritizing proposals from public librarians, library advocates, and diverse candidates. Please don’t let your title or organization stop you from proposing an idea! We want to hear from a wide variety of people.

We will provide each proposal research funding/honorarium based on the length of the project, the output, and the amount of labor required to complete it. Learn more and apply today!