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What’s of interest? symbol.wtf

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https://symbol.wtf is a simple website made so it would be easier to copy symbols one usually has to Google.

You’re welcome to open a PR adding new symbols, take a look in symbols.js for an idea of how to do that.

Where is it?: GitHub - samwho/symbol.wtf: A dumb website I made for when I need a symbol.

This is one among many items I will regularly tag in Pinboard as oegconnect, and automatically post tagged as #OEGConnect to Mastodon. Do you know of something else we should share like this? Just reply below and we will check it out.

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This is quite a simple thing, and I share more to celebrate the imagination of an individual who addressed a problem (not having easy access to the special symbols one can use in text), where their current method (searching in Google, sifting results, and manual copy pasting), and thus built a tool that worked for them, but shared it a way that not only others could use, they could contribute to.

If you frequently need access to symbols for currencies and other assorted, toss https://symbol.wtf/ into your browser bookmark. Maybe I have a need for including a currency syumbol not on my keypad, to say to my friends in India, “Symbol.wtf wlil cost you ₹0!”

I just click the symbol and its copied and thus available for pasting.

Maybe one can get creative and make a message from symbols.

We have ∞ ⌥s beyond ©!