Gehen Sie Zoom! Zum-Apps für H5P auf Deutsch

I remain impressed, motivated, and wanting to spend more time with the OER potential of H5P, surely I am not alone.

Today I spotted Zum-Apps an H5P “hub” site based in Germany, meaning a place for educators to create and share H5P content, like the eCampusOntario H5P Studio. Plus there looks like community support.

Yes, of course most of the content is in German, but maybe it can still inspire you with ideas of what is possible. I found a course presentation about my favorite band of all times, so my efforts on the exercises were largely guesses:

But check this out- because H5P is really just HTML, my web translation tools work here:

This also means, in my guessing wildly approach, that the quiz in theory could be read into some kind of LLM/AI set up, since it’s just text. Am I off base?

I also note that the Zum-Apps site includes a means for the person who uploaded this H5P to add links to web sites where it is used, thus, my simple curiosity, I find myself at MusEducation, a music resource and learning site, that is chock full of more H5P.

One curious link leads to more, at least for me. is anyone here, especially from Germany, using Zum-Apps? Does anyone want to explore and find something interesting to share?