Monday Pulse: What Was Your Open Education "Spark Bird"?

And a long term one too #loveerasmus

The “spark” of OE came when I found Digitex’s [Texas Learns OER]
I was so amazed by all the people, Open Education/OE Global conferences, creative commons licensing, fellowships (SPARC), etc. I knew I had to so much to learn, to network, which added flame to the spark and its still growing. I was able to attend the conferences because they were online. I hope there will still be blended conferences going forward.


I was first immersed in open education in 1996 when I began teaching at Anderson Open School in Minneapolis. After my first year, I transferred to Marcy Open School where I taught for the next 14 years. I’ve related the tip of the iceberg of my experience in this post. Developing Professional Staff: Open Education is a Problem for OER in K-12
My experience at an Open School is also mentioned in the chapter I wrote in this book, The Open Organization Guide for Educators