Sponsor Session (Grasple): Stories from the Field: How educators from different institutions collaboratively create open resources

It’s no secret that at Grasple we’re big fans of collaboration in education. We believe collaboration will ultimately lead to better learning outcomes (and many hours of saved work!). That being said, collaboration on educational resources among educational institutions has its own challenges.

Our co-founder Pim Bellinga will share his observations and experiences on collaborations between educators from different institutions on Wednesday 18 November between 9:40 PM and 10:00 PM (CET).

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Oh yes! Collab works great for education and I consider myself an evangelist for this! I am a part of such a collaborative group of practitioners. It has resulted in multiple sessions, research papers and lot of fun. Additionally helped us to keep our sanity in the current uncertain times!

Ajita, that is so great to hear! I agree that working together can definitely be sanity-preserving, productive, and fun if done well. Which things are important for fruitful collaboration, in your opinion?

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Yes! ‘If done well’ being the operative here! There are quite a few things so to say! Would you like to read the blog on our collaboration and communication?

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Thanks so much for sharing your blog Ajita!

It sounds like your team managed to find its sweet spot by (among other things) combining professionalism and camaraderie. This is a really interesting insight to me - I enjoy being on friendly terms with my colleagues, but I haven’t considered the role of our informal relationship in our ability to collaborate before.

In you opinion, is camaraderie or a sense of companionship a requisite for building trust and successful collaboration? Or is this especially (or specifically?) important when collaborating on a project as big and involved as a MOOC?

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Hello OEG20!
Here are the slides

We’ll share experiences and patterns of collaboration we’ve seen at several institutions.
Interested to hear if you think this visual categorization into 7 patterns of collaboration helps sharing of best of best practices for similar situations.

Hello! this is the recording of the presentation:

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Hi Ellen, Glad that you liked the blog. Well, in my opinion, it is the informality that builds a certain level of trust. The trust of not invading private spaces but knowing about each other enough to send gifts! Yes, I received a comic book on chemistry by one of the team mates just bcz she “thought of you when I came across the book” or I invited another of the team mate on a virtual walk bcz I kind of knew would interest her. There are many such instances that help in collab. Nothing like specifically for MOOCs but yes, it does help.

For a summary and the main take-away of Pim’s presentation, have a look at our blog!

How educators collaboratively create open exercises: Stories from the field