Welcome From Host Taipei Medical University

Celebrating its 60th birthday in 2020, Taipei Medical University (TMU) is delighted to host the 2020 conference. (60 means a full cycle of life in Taiwanese culture. Thus, it means a lot to us.) As a board member of Open Education Global, Taiwan Open Course and Education Consortium, and the Chinese Open Education Consortium, TMU has been actively contributing to the advancement of open education for more than a decade.

This year, two co-hosts, eCampus Ontario and TU Delft, will help us manage and facilitate the conference in different parts of the world, taking time zone differences into account.



Thank you for hosting!
I look forward to the conference.

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Thank you! I wish you enjoy the conference!

I am excited to attend the conference.

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Thanks for your warm welcome! It has been wonderful working with TMU as host of the 2020 conference over the past months. I look forward to a very successful conference and time together.

AND, congratulations on your 60th anniversary!


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Thank you for hosting. I look forward to a great learning experience.

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Thank you for your warm welcome!

For those who may want to use TMU image as your virtual background in Zoom. This is the image resource you can use.


The sunset of 11/16 @Taipei
Enjoy the first night of th OEG20. In the Collb, we prepare a “virtual” night market tour for you.

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Here is the 11-16 opening remark from the TMU President.