Winners of the 2023 Open Education Awards for Excellence

Congratulate the Individual winners in OEG Connect

  • Have any of these individuals influenced or helped you along your Open Education journey? Share your own connections with them.
  • How do these individuals inspire your own work and ideas about open education?
  • If you were to meet them in person, what would you like to say to or ask of them?

Explore the Open Assets winners in OEG Connect

  • What is your experience in using any of the award-winning open assets/resources?
  • Which of these projects inspire you to learn more and possibly incorporate them in your open education efforts?
  • What more would you like to know about these projects?

See how Open Practices winners did it in OEG Connect

  • How have you been involved in any of these award-winning open practices? What has been their impact on your open education efforts?
  • Which of these practices would you like to learn more about?

Review the Special Award winners in OEG Connect

  • What is your experience or awareness of these award-winning projects?
  • What influence might they have on your own open education efforts?
  • What else would you like to know about them?