A Caring Environment

Are students and lecturers given the opportunity to practice and receive care?

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This is a really important question and one that was raised much more often over the course of the last couple of years. I have certainly heard of some wonderful practices at the institutional level and faculty where students were the recipients of the care. In the first semester of the pandemic, many students were confused by the new processes at their colleges after the physical doors had closed. Some colleges organized phone trees of administrators, faculty, and staff who called current students to reassure them that classes were continuing, offer assistance, answer questions, and encourage them to register for the next semester. It would be great to see more personalized outreach to students now in the almost post-pandemic era.
Also, I’m really curious to hear about how institutions practice care for their lecturers and staff …

Went to a wonderful keynote at the annual California Community College’s Online Teaching Conference in June 2022. Dr. Mays Imad, a neuroscientist and STEM professor shared her work on A Practical Approach to Trauma-Informed Teaching and Learning