About the Summer Conversations

Welcome to Summer 2022! We heard from our members that many are reducing their summer commitments this year in order to recharge after two exhausting years. In light of that feedback, we asked folks what sort of conversations we might engage in during the summer months where most of the activity can be done from anywhere, anytime (Beach, Lakeside anyone??)

These conversations are an opportunity to reflect on the work we all engage in so passionately during the academic year and learn a little more about what attracts us to this work and keeps us motivated over the long haul.

Three topics were selected at our March Members Meetings and we invite you to participate asynchronously or synchronously in the monthly (June, July, August) discussions at whatever level you are comfortable.

All live meetings will be at 12pm PDT/2pm CDT/ 3pm EDT

Topic for August:

Topic for July:

Topic for June:

Great discussion topic and certainly one that is crucial to the advancement of the field. No longer can the focus of OER be on cost savings. The focus has to shift to being one of social justice; we have to recognize that under-represented voices are not seen enough in commercial texts. OEP allow us to customize our work, to bring in the voices our students are missing.

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