Add Hear My Name to Your OEG Connect Profile

I love this idea suggested by my OEG colleague @IslaHF – and you can see it now if you click on her name right now (or anywhere you see her icon). This reveals her OEG Connect profile, also displayed below.

We have added a new profile field listed as Hear My Name where you can add a web address for a web site service that offers the audio pronunciation of Isla’s name:

If you go to you can hear her voice saying the preferred pronunciation of her name.

For people creating their OEG Connection accounts, this field is available on the signup form. If you are already here, you can modify your profile to add a link like this.

How do you create one of these? You have options!

  • Isla used (a free service for a basic recording)
  • Name Coach offers a similar service
  • Vocaroo provides an easy recorder that published your audio at a URL
  • Wikimedia Commons Voice Intro project can be used to publish an audio introduction
  • Any other way you can link to an audio of the preferred way to pronounce your name

This is something that can help connect us more but also assist in situations when we are in live sessions and wish to pronounce a colleague’s name the correct way.


Excellent idea! @ariannacheveldave is the one whose signature I noticed, having this feature.
Can really help avoid these awkward interactions during calls.

Maybe we could have something similar for names of the lands on which we reside. For instance, several of us in the city of Montreal struggle to pronounce Tiohtià:ke.

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I like Alex that you always try things (just checked your name drop, great, and I am working on making the links clickable, the Discourse platform makes that a bit complicated).

It seems Tik Tok is a place where land name pronunciations are offered (well I saw one recently). Although I think it is more important for you to be able to pronounce it then someone else.

I would suggest this is something you can add to your profile in the open text space for your bio, I do see people entering land acknowledgements there.

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