Announcing the 2021 OE Global Talent Show Award Winners!

Paul Stacey and Judith Sebesta are pleased to announce the winners of the first OE Global Talent Show!

Best Bard: Una Daly, “Ode to OER”

Best Protest Song: Alan Levine, “Pearson’s Farm”

Best Petagogy Dance: Liz Yata and Ginger, Heelwork with Music

Most Uplifting: Deidre Tyler, “Happiness Poem”

Best Use of Audience Participation: Alan Levine, “Pecha Flickr Future for OER”

Most Danceable: Gino Fransman, “Gino Funk”

Best Live Musical Performance: Alex Enkerli

Best Mash Up: Paul Bond and the ds106 community, “Bobzilla”

Best Storybook Reading for Children & Adults: Verena Roberts, Gino Fransman, & Molya Vundamina, “Together”

Each of these awardees will receive a digital certificate to proudly display.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your amazing talents – and to all those who joined us for the shows!