Apereo Micro Conference: Reflecting on Anomalies in OER

Tune in for this Apereo Foundation online event featuring Wayne Mackintosh @Mackiwg on “Reflecting on anomalies in OER: Is ‘Open’ broken, and if so, can education fix it?”

Despite UNESCO’s introduction of the Open Educational Resources (OER) concept two decades ago and the unanimous adoption of the UNESCO OER Recommendation by member states in 2019, which requires government reporting on its implementation, OER still remains outside the mainstream in the majority of countries. This presentation will explore several anomalies in OER practices, suggesting that the concept of ‘Open’ in education is facing challenges. However, it posits that working examples of practical solutions, operating at the intersection of OER, free and open source software (FOSS), and cooperative practices, could offer valuable insights. These examples may serve as lessons (‘education’) for governments in small island developing states to help them overcome the current impasse in achieving sustainable open education solutions.

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