Be Part of the OEG Voices Podcast Opening Segment

Muchas gracias, Mario!

Your voice is now in the mix for the spanish language version of the mixer:

Por favor comparte el enlace a la solicitud para que podamos agregar más en español

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Here you go :slight_smile:

Thanks Lisa, you are now in the OEG Voices Intro Mix Machine!

Here is one mix with your voice in it and you can keep mixing til you get all the voices you like to hear.

such a great idea, Alan! here is my audio link… looking forward to our OEG Voices chat this week :slight_smile:

Thanks for doing the awesome recording in advance! I love Vocaroo for making this easy to do

Here is my recording, hope it is ok. Józefa Fawcett, I only recorded the first bit, happy to do more if needed.

Thank you Józefa! You have a lovely voice. It need not be the whole recording, I will add your segments right away.

Alan, thank you so much for your kind words. I have a side-hustle as a Voice-Over and I love being behind a microphone. Just wish I could do it 80% of the time, instead of just here and there. I cannot wait to hear me mixed with the others on the podcast.

Józefa, you are now “in the mix”!

It might take a few clicks to randomly pull in your voice, but it does happen (listen to this one)

Thanks again.

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@cogdog what a fabulous tool, loving it!

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