Call for Story Contribution


My name is Dr. Munir I am currently working on an open e-book for teachers worldwide, which is a collection of teaching stories. These stories will be published through my volunteer forum academy of open education Global Forum for Teacher Educators The story could be from your personal teaching or research experiences

I shall be thankful if you people can support me for this good cause. My email is


Greetings Dr Munir and thank you for bringing this opportunity with your global forum— I very much would like to seek some mutual ways Open Education Global could collaborate, and we hope you are considering organizing events or activities for March 4-8 Open Education Week.

For your call for stories, perhaps it would help to be more explicit as to what kinds of stories you seek. Are there examples you can share?

Personally this was been a long interest of mine. I’ve been collecting Amazing/True stories of openness since 2009 and worked with OEGlobal on a similar effort to collect Extraordinary Stories of Responding to the pandemic

And we have many stories in the people and projects recognized with Open Education Awards for Excellence Awards – OE Awards for Excellence

I’m more than “open” to create connections to your organization

Gratitude for the help and encouragement. I am glad that OEG would like to collaborate and great to learn about your interest in such work. Global Forum for Teacher Educators is a free forum of teachers from 75 countries and the prime objective is to promote free education through webinars, symposiums and conferences. I have been successful in this run. To promote the culture of sharing and open education, I want people to come forward and share stories of their teaching or learning.

Guidelines for Submission:

Compose a teaching story with a title, followed by your name.
Start by introducing yourself, stating, “My name is…” and providing details about your origin and occupation.
Write your philosophy of teaching.
What is the current state of teaching and learning in your country? It means what is good in your country for teachers and learners and what is not good in your country for learners and teachers?Share how you started your teaching journey and what motivated you to become a teacher
What have you done to enhance your capabilities as an educator?
Write in detail the challenges you encountered during your teaching career. Add any incident or example
Examine the primary challenges faced by students in your country and elucidate how you have contributed to transforming their lives. Provide specific examples or incidents.
Optionally, include a photo featuring yourself with your students (highly recommended).

End your story with a message you wish to impart to fellow educators worldwide.

There is no word limit write as much as you can. Please submit your story via email at Send us MS DOCUMENT attached file.

What will you receive?
Free e-book with your included story
Global recognition
Certificate of Writer
GFTE membership

Here are the last open publications but the one for which I have requested now is purely teaching stories e-book and

I look forward to receiving your story :slight_smile: plus if others can also share the stories to empower the world’s teacher