Claim a Digital Badge for Hosting an #OEWeek 2022 Event

As part of a pilot of OEglobal microcredentials, we are offering digital badge for advancing awareness of open education to those providing events during Open Education Week in 2022…

The digital badges we are issuing via the Badgr open badge platform contain with in it the verifiable credential with evidence of this achievement. They can be shared anywhere open the badge standard is supported.

Please help us test this capability and at the same time obtain your OEweek Event Host badge.

Badge Criteria

You have already done much work by organizing an OEweek event, earning the badge is easy.

Following your event, please enter a reply below with the following information

  • OEWeek Event URL The event has been contributed to the OEWeek site and appears in the published events. Thus your event is available at a web address like
  • Short Summary There are so many events happening, and it is valuable to share what happened at yours. Yes, numbers of participants is helpful, but please include any specific highlights e.g. photos, social media responses, or links to more resources. This need not be more than a paragraph.

This badge can be yours by just replying to this message. Who wants a badge?


What a great, low-risk way to try out the badge system. Yes, I’m hosting an event and think it is already on the list of published events. Thanks OEGlobal.

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Great! Thanks for trying it out after your event. Enjoy OEweek!

I would like to get the badge
have been involved each year for almost 8 years
it s a really great event, thanks for organizing it each year

I was part of these events:

Raising quality in universities - students still sing Gaudeamus igitur" (“So Let Us Rejoice”)

Webinar on DI4all - Digital inclusion for all

How seniors learn digital skills in the Nordics and Baltic

Digital Immigrants Survival Toolkit (DISK) Webinar

Thanks for your participation over the years, Ebba.

This particular badge is offered for those hosting events this year, but we also have ones available for contributing an open resource/asset as well as a newly minted one for those who provide some details of what they learn this week shared back to this community-- the OEWeek 2022 Super Sharer badge.

I’d like to claim a host badge please. My co-host is @debbaff too Open Education Week

Thanks Teresa, and Deb, for spreading the “badge love” and advocating for the use of open badges.

We can send you both the event hist badges if you share back after OEWeek any highlights that you see in blog comments and/or the padlet.

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Happy to do that! Thanks for your prompt reply Alan. :star_struck:

Wait! Can i also get a badge? Pretty please?

My Ask me anything about using Wikipedia to improve learning event is listed at

and we held the discussions here in OEG Connect

4 digital badges sent so far to @EbbaOssiannilsson @warwicklanguage @debbaff and @vahidm

If you hosted an event for Open Education Week, reply here with the items requested in the criteria for this badge (top of page)

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Hosted this one with my colleague Camille Arpin:
Midi-Éductive - Éveil aux ressources éducatives libres : pourquoi et comment les intégrer à notre enseignement
Here’s the Genially we’ve used as support during the session:
Midi Éductive — Éveil aux REL par Camille Arpin sur Genially
And some links I’ve shared during the session:
Liens Midi Éductive

We will likely share video excerpts from this session.

As planned, topics were:

  • Intro to OERs and their relevance in teaching
  • Creative Commons Licenses and the 5Rs
  • Finding OERs
  • Sharing OERs
  • Options for OER adaptation (including localization) and creation (including prototyping)

Interactions with the 17 participants focused on a perceived difficulty in finding OERs and on some subtleties related to CC licenses (link to moral rights in our legal system as well as in France, what “NC” actually restricts, etc.).

Some context:
The session was part of our contribution to Quebec’s OER Leaders Network, funded by Quebec’s Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur (Ministry of Higher Education). That network involves about 40 learning pros from universities and colleges across the province. The agreement was that we would go through the “Bootcamp” version of CC’s certification program together and, in exchange, we would all host CC-related activities during #oeweek. Several of these activities were local to network members’ institutions.

Thanks Alex, your badge is in the [e]mail!

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Reminds me of a lawyer joke… :wink:

I’m testing out the system, but these are real badgeable activities, according to the criteria.

I hosted an Ask Me Anything open discussion, held here in OEG Connect. I had hoped this format would offer something different from the synchronous activities that filled most of the week.

The discussion thread included questions from six different people, I hopefully provided useful responses. Plus, as noted, there were 7 other H5P events/workshops/presentations during Open Education week, indicating this is a topic of interest.

I also hosted an open drop in lab for annotating the UNESCO Recommendation on OER, but did not attract any visitors! I did spend the time adding notes representing OE week content to the International Cooperation Aaction area

And just to demonstrate that everything works badge-wise, here is the public view of my OEWeek Events Host Badge in Badgr

But wait there is more!

I downloaded my OE Week badge and was able to import it to a passport account I still have from my previous work on the Ontario Extend project for eCampusontario… Badging works as advertised, they are very portable

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Hi, Alan! Super belated, but I think @Shinta should get a digital badge for organizing the CCCOER panel on open education leadership we did on Monday of OE Week! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Recording here, if anyone is interested!)

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Oh I agree that @shinta deserves a badge and will make it happen.

This badge process was an experiment where people would reply to the criteria in message at the top of this thread with their response, becoming their evidence link. You’ve done all that is needed and we ought to broaden it to suggest badge earners as you have done.

Thanks, as always, Cynthia!