Claim a Digital Badge for Sharing an Asset for #OEWeek 2022

As another OEWeek digital badge we are offering one for those who have contributed an OER as a resource/asset Open Education Week 2022.

The digital badges we are issuing via the Badgr open badge platform include the verifiable credential with evidence of this achievement. They can be shared anywhere open the badge standard is supported.

Please help us test this capability and at the same time obtain your Open Education Week 2022 Shared OER Badge

Badge Criteria

If you have contributed a resource for OEWeek and it is available on the web site, you can claim a badge.

  • OEWeek Resiurce URL Your resource has been contributed to the OEWeek site and is listed in the published resources. Thus your event is available at a web address like
  • Short Share Let us know below any responses you have gotten or anything that has happened as a result of this shared resource. Or just describe how it has been used / reused since you have made it available.

This badge can be yours by just replying to this message. Please share something about your asset and the link to it on the OEWeek web site.

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Hi Alan,

I would love to claim an OER badge for Frontiers for Young Minds!

For those who do not know us, our totally free, open-access kids’ science journal is listed as an Asset here: Open Education Week, please do come and check out our fantastic articles, written by top scientists and edited by kids aged 8-15 to be accessible to their peers.

We’ll be tweeting all week about some of our amazing education-focused resources, such as our article Collection on the Learning Brain (Everything you and your teachers need to know about the learning brain · Frontiers for Young Minds) - find out how your brain learns and develops, and how these processes are shaped by your environment and your own efforts. For teachers and other educational practitioners, here are also articles about neuroscience methods, and facts distinguished from myths about the brain.

Looking forward to seeing many of you connect with us this week and don’t hesitate to ask our team any questions at!

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Thanks Laura for sharing much about Frontiers for Young Minds during OEWeek and last year at the online conference. We’d love to hear back with any responses you receive from your tweets or posts here in OEGConnect.

We should arrange some time in the near future do plan an OEG Voices podcast to share more about the impact of Frontiers for Young Minds on future scientists.