Considering Your Institution

What goals and values in your institution’s general strategic plan align with those you envision for your open education initiative? How might your open education strategic plan be crafted to go beyond affordability and support other goals like student success and retention, faculty development, or quality of instruction?


Hi everyone ours is one of the renowned Institution in Chennai,India , established in the year 1948, named Ethiraj College for Women. We are slowly moving towards the process of Open course ware. As a start , we faculty are trained to create open course material. We did participate in the open education week 2022 and developed open educational materials. Happy to share the open educational material developed by our faculty

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Welcome Malathi!

Thank you for sharing these useful open resources developed by your faculty. It is great to see some good examples of H5P in your OCW and others here can now discover them. Very glad that you were able to join us for Open Education Week 2022.

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Hi unatdaly thank you for your words of encouragement. Really excited to join this global forum.