Creating an OER Audiobook Version

Noting here that Amanda’s original question that started this discussion has turned out to be an outstanding example of what can happen in this community space.

Beyond what you see between the tail end of the conversations going back to the top, we expanded it into an OEG Live discussion with other educators.

But wait! There is more. Amanda returned to that topic and added a report on what she and her team were able to achieve in completing their first open textbook augmented to now be an Audiobook.

That is a valuable model of what can happen in this space through the act of (a) posing an interesting topic question (b) having many people participate; and (c) a later summary of what came of it.

This can happen to you! Put your question, opinion, wild idea, challenging dilemma into a new topic in the OEGlobal Plaza area.

How about giving it a try?

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