Discussion for Ch. 4: Aligning Strategic Priorities and Building Institutional Capacity

Hi all,

In preparation for our discussion on chapter 4, we thought it would make sense to look at our institutional documents and how our work in open aligns with those plans and statements.

  1. What overarching statements do you have for your institution?
  • Strategic plans
  • Mission/vision statements
  • DEI statements

Please link to these overarching statements in your post, if they are available.

  1. How does your work in open align with the statements of your college?

My organization, the Digital Higher Education Consortium of Texas, has a strategic plan, developed in 2019, as well as mission and vision statements. You can see our mission, and download our full plan, on our homepage. Our Vision emphasizes equity:
Ensuring Equity through Collaboration
The Digital Higher Education Consortium of Texas (formerly Virtual College of Texas) believes that education is transformative and is committed to helping its member institutions adapt to a rapidly changing higher education landscape that prioritizes learner equity. DigiTex will be the “go to” source to analyze optimal digital education outcomes, ensure quality, and boost learner success. We will be recognized across the state and nation for our excellence in service, innovation, and collaboration.”

However, we don’t really define “equity” in any of our documents, so per chapter 4, there is some work to do!

I hope to have the opportunity to address the second part of the question during our discussion on Thursday. I look forward to it!

I look forward to co-facilitating this book club chapter with Stacy Katz! Ahead of this Thursday’s meeting, please take a look at and bring your institution’s mission and vision statements, strategic plans, and DEI statements. We would love to hear what they are and how your work in open aligns with your college’s statements. I will be sharing with all of you the statements from Montgomery College. See you all on Thursday!

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I may or may not be able to make it to the discussion later, but here are our mission, vision and diversity statements: Mission, Vision and Values - Manchester Community College, New Hampshire at Manchester (NH) Community College. For me this comes up when faculty are reluctant . . . I am sometimes asked, “why the push for OER?” And my response begins with “it’s part of our mission to provide equitable access to education.”


Definitions are on our DEI committee’s agenda, as is updating our diversity statement which is somewhat vague.

That is a great response to those reluctant faculty members, Deb!