Dr. Proctor's Keynote Re-watch Together

We are all excited for Dr Sian Proctor’s opening keynote for OEGlobal22-- Space2Inspire: Fostering an Open, Creative, and J.E.D.I. space!.

While it will be live streamed, for many Not In Nantes, at the hour you may not be awake! 2022-05-23T08:00:00Z (your local time).

Therefore the next day, with my co-host and colleague @JudithSebesta we are hosting a Rewatch Together Event.

Rewatch Dr Sian Proctor's Space2Inspire keynote

Join us 2022-05-24T19:00:00Z (your local time) to watch and discuss the keynote together. We will be re-playing this in zoom where we can talk and chat as we re-watch the keynote together.

Between now and then, or during the re-watch, add your comments and questions to the topic thread for the keynote.

Come and be inspired together.

If You Missed the Keynote…

Watch anytime!


Looking forward to it!

Super inspiring ! Thank you Dr.

A few related links food for thoughts about Space and Law (you might want to look into that if you want to reflect on Open in Space…)

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Thanks for sharing those @Anthere!

What a great experience it was to re-watch together.

Watch Anytime!

:vhs: https://mediaserver.univ-nantes.fr/videos/oeg-450-d1s1-keynote-1-dr-sian-proctor/

As promised, some notes from that chat:

Links Mentioned

Keynote page - post comments, questions Dr. Sian Proctor Keynote- Space2Inspire: Fostering an Open, Creative, and JEDI space!

Watch the keynote OEG22 - Keynote #1 : Dr. Sian Proctor (Day 1 - Auditorium 450 - 11h) - Webtv de Nantes Université

Dr Sian Proctor YouTube Dr. Sian Proctor - YouTube

Countdown Inspiration4 Mission to Space

Sian’s Winning Application video

Analog missions stay on earth https://www.nasa.gov/analogs/what-are-analog-missions

Chasing Space: Dreams Manifested


DAO = Decentralized autonomous organization - Wikipedia




From the Chat

I (Verena) wrote a blog post about Chris Hadfield “teaching" form space (highlighting anything is possible in K-12 contexts) I was slammed - in 2013: https://www.openclassroomonline.com/commander-chris-hadfield-canadian-hero-and-education-disruptor/

New Space Journal Vol 9, Issue 1 / 2021: Special Issue On New Space Through An African Lens (cover art by Sian Proctor)

  • Hello

    • Good morning. Aloha from Oahu, Hawaii.
    • Hello from Washington state!
    • Hi from NY
    • Hello from lovely northeast Ohio.
    • Hello Everyone! I’m excited to watch this again, too, like Alan!!
  • Introduction by Lisa Young, Scottsdale Community College

  • Watching Haley’s face during the liftoff was a hoot!

  • This reminds me of 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon - but with Sian, Elan Musk & OER

  • Go up in Space?

    • I’d like to go now but didn’t see it as a possibility when I was a girl. There weren’t any female astronauts …
    • I gave up when I got glasses…
    • I don’t think I would have the courage!
    • I am not sure if I would go
    • I’d go in a heartbeat.
    • I always love when someone says they dreamed of being a teacher.
  • No tv?

    • We haven’t had a TV in decades.
    • Raised the kids without it.
    • Computers are replacing the “box”
    • I was only allowed one hour of tv a day growing up – so I read instead (or spent time outside with our animals).
  • I have that bear - I bought it at the Washington airport for my son … He attached it to his backpack- LOTS of people want to go to space

  • I love that she reinvented herself

  • analog astronaut, I have never heard that before

    • Analog as in analogy, not as non-digital.
  • I LOVE the fact that she used a poem to apply to be an astronaut - so important for interdisciplinary, authentic and meaningful learning

  • I remember teaching grade 6 science - we were using microscopes for the first time. I also asked them to write a poem to describe what they saw - the poems were amazing

  • Her poetry speaks to me in a different way, some more wonderful verses on their way a little later

  • I was wondering if she already had been a rated pilot.

  • A LOT of engineering went into that cupola.

  • Earth Light - another new glossary term for me

    • me too, it seems obvious once you hear it described
  • “my weeping ego quivers…”

  • Baptized by Earth light … OMG

  • I’m so glad to watch this, even though it’s making me wish I was in Nantes (even more than I already wished I was)

    • Yes - it is so hard
    • The last in-person conference I attended before the pandemic was OEGLobal in Milan. Agree with you, wish I were there.
  • I am so apprecaiting Sian’s perspective on “opening Space” to all

  • Honestly, I did not think of commercializing space as opening it, before this keynote

    • Me either
    • I agree, it was a bit counter intuitive, and a refreshing change from the billionaires buying their seats.
  • When Chris Hadfield played the guitar and kids learned and sang together - I think I started to think about opening space then. BUT I have never considered how exclusive/ elitist process it was

    • Huge switch of perspective
  • YEs – Open Education and Open Science can make it more possible to develop and cultivate the experts we need “behind the scenes” to be able to send anyone into space – in more equitable and diverse ways.

    • Many mathematicians are musicians.
    • Music IS math.
    • I think that it was even more common a few centuries ago.
  • So powerful that message for students, put yourself out there and it’s a win even if you’re not selected … so powerful.

  • Neil Gaiman has a great story about another guy named Neil who suffered from impostor syndrome. :slight_smile:

  • Isn’t that like any escape - 3 or more days needed… Love it

  • I don’t know how I would ever be able to sleep in space!

    • My head would be glued to the window
    • I wouldn’t want to miss a moment. But at some point, biology takes over, I guess
  • Yesterday during the coffee break hallway convo, Dr. Proctor joined us and suggested that maybe it should be A-JEDI (Accessibility).

  • I have never heard of the JEDI (out of Star Wars of course) in my Canadian contexts…

    • When I first heard it a couple of years ago in this context, STAR WARS fanatic that I am, I thought: JEDI isn’t TM’d?
  • I am enjoying listening the accents that remind me of OEGlobal

  • Inspires me to learn another language…

  • And I enjoy seeing Paul Stacey in the front row…

    • And Igor, maybe?
  • I really liked this conversational part of the session

  • Everyone needs to see the world through strength finder glasses

    • Well said.
    • We seem to default to deficient thinking.
  • There is a lot more to Dr. Proctor than meets the eye of my virtual JEDI strength based glasses

  • This is what I did when I went to my first OER conference. I was a like a small child looking for people to talk to.

  • From a theoretical perspective - she is describing the concept of third space very well

  • The whole thing is amazing. I may need to watch again

  • It was nice to be in community to watch


That was a wonderful experience. Thanks for organizing it, Alan!

Well worth watching, a really amazing keynote! Thank you @SianProctor and @cogdog !

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