Earn Your OEWeek 2023 Super Sharer Badge!

Sharing is good, right? We are brining back the digital badge offered in 2022 something you learned, one or more resource, a contact, an inspiration that came from participating in an OEWeek event or from exploring the contributed resources.

What might “worth sharing” include?

A share could be a brief summary, links to resources, news links, media, names of organizations, colleagues – think of what would be most useful to you have learned about an event or resource if you have not participated in or reviewed it.

Sharing what you learned during OEweek is a valuable community contribution. For those looking for an incentive / reward for sharing we offer the availability of an OEWeek Super Sharer Badge for sharing OEweek here.

Check the badge out, don’t you want one?

How to Get Your Super Sharer Badge

  • Post a new topic or a reply anywhere in this OE Share area
  • Each reply should include the title of the event or resource as well as a link to it within the OE Week list of events or resources.
  • A useful share should be anything that would be of valuable you gained from being part of the activity or reviewing the resource. It could be a web link, an image/screenshot, or a description of a key idea/concept. It need not be an essay or an epic review, share what you gained from an OEWeek event or resource.
  • Keep track of your posted items here in OEG Connect. Every reply to a topic has a unique web address. You can find it by clicking the share icon below your reply, then click the button adjacent to the URL field. This copies the web address so you can paste it elsewhere.

  • If you forget where you replied, do not worry, OEG Connect keep track of your activity. Follow this link to view your own activity summary https://connect.oeglobal.org/my/activity where you can find everything you have written here in the site.
  • Reply to this post below with your wish to apply for the Super Sharer Badge and include the links to at least three posts that shared something you learned at OEweek.

As soon as possible we will review and award your Super Sharer badge. You get the badge and the community gains information about an activity or resource.

To earn this badge, you must post three replies or new topics here in the OE Share area – look each day for a call for sharing written by @isla you can just reply there with what you learned that is worth sharing.

Or start a new topic in the OEWeek Share area

Share and get badged! Reply here with questions or better yet, your links to 3 things you shared here in OEG Connect.