[ENOEL Workshop series] WS#3 “Embrace the Open: How the open textbook publishing kitchen works”

Dear colleagues,

We are delighted to invite you to the third event in our ENOEL Workshop series, organised by SPARC Europe and the European Network of Open Education Librarians (ENOEL), on 12 September 2023 at 1-2:30 PM CEST. The workshop topic is “Embrace the Open: How the open textbook publishing kitchen works”.

Our workshop facilitators are:

  • Sylvia Moes (VU University, Netherlands)
  • Margreet Nieborg (University of Groningen, Netherlands)
  • Mira Buist-Zhuk (University of Groningen, Netherlands)
  • Lambert Heller (TIB- Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology, Germany)

During this workshop, you will discover the main tools and platforms utilised in the process of open textbook publishing, drawing from experiences collected by the network members thus far. You will get an opportunity to explore the diverse features offered by these tools and gain insights into the differences between priorities associated with sustainability and those that prioritise learning opportunities. Together with other participants, you will further reflect on the subject and identify any remaining improvements that have not been realised yet in the reviewed open textbook initiatives. Lastly, you will be encouraged to think ahead and anticipate the key explorations that will drive progress in the near future. Don’t miss this chance to get a better look into the open textbook publishing kitchen and get inspired to start cooking yourself!

The chat will be open for the audience to ask questions and engage in the discussion directly with our experts.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Identify some of the main tools used to create and publish open textbooks according to the experiences collected so far
  • Examine which features are offered by these tools and match them with the specifics of different Open Textbooks types
  • Distinguish between the priorities connected with sustainability and those related to learning opportunities
  • Reflect on what you discussed with facilitators and participants and identify remaining wishes that are yet to be addressed within the open textbook publishing initiatives
  • Hypothesise and predict which explorations might be key to progress in the near future.

Please join us. Register using this link: Meeting Registration - Zoom

This event is the third in the series of ENOEL Workshops. Stay tuned for more sessions coming this year.

We hope you can make it, and we encourage you to share this with your colleagues!

Kind regards,

Paola Corti

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Hey Paola !

I cannot make this event due to the time … but I am very curious and I was wondering if you could share the ppt or resources/links after the event ?

Verena :slight_smile:

Hi Verena!
We will share the recordings, the slides and the workshop plan after the event!

Previous recordings and resources are available here:

WS#1 - An Introduction to Open Textbooks

WS#2 - How to organise your Open Textbook pilot


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Hi everyone,
As promised, here are the recordings and the materials related to our WS#3 of the “Embrace the Open” series:

Thanks to our wonderful facilitators: Sylvia Moes (VU University, Netherlands), Margreet Nieborg and Mira Buist-Zhuk (University of Groningen, Netherlands), Lambert Heller and Simon Worthington (TIB - Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology, Germany).

All the best,