Flying Through Open Education Week

As usual there is a wonderful abundance of activity this week (that’s a reference to a brilliant session today by Dave Cormier) .

Dropping a few of many gems spotted in the events and social media streams today. What have you seen?

You have to love the energy of these students at Thompson Rivers University sharing the Open Education Pep Rally that was held Wednesday on campus. I believe there were cupcakes openly shared

For the dynacism of what happens when people connect this week, @paulhibbitts who has been sharing the wonders of his own Docsify-This project found througl @axel.klinger a resource of keen interest.

If you ever felt like GitHub makes your head spin, take a new look at Create and publish OER with GitHub where you can follow the self-paced guide to set up and publish a GitHub powered course site in less time than it will take me to write this post.

We believe that open educational resources can be created using tools the open source community has been successfully using for many years now. This tutorial guides you through the creation of open educational resources (OER) with GitHub. Using our GitHub template, you can easily create and publish your own OER in just a few minutes.

One reason to use this approach is it can directly be added to Open Educational Resource Search Index OERSI

Look for opportunities to learn about Colaboratón Alquimétricos Kit Cero (Alquimétricos Kit Zero) a fascination example of advancing STEAM through hands on learning from these openly licensed “kits”.

See the event entry or go directly to

For Open Education Week, the Public Knowledge Project has announced Open Monograph Press (OMP)

PKP takes a moment to highlight the importance of open infrastructure as a driver of open education initiatives. Specifically, PKP’s community-driven free software, Open Monograph Press (OMP), is providing educators around the globe with a quality option for publishing Open Education Resources (OERs).

What is Open Monograph Press (OMP)? OMP is the full, end-to-end solution for publishing books with full metadata, enabling global dissemination and discovery. A single, intuitive workflow guides the entire process, from submissions to reviewing to publishing.

This is just small sampling of what’s come across our scopes today. What are you seeing and learning about this week? Share something that you found inspiring, interesting, or just plain exciting.