From Taipei to Delft!

Good morning to all #OEGlobal2020 friends!

Six hours into this wonderful conference, we’ve picked up the baton from our colleagues in Taipei to give you all a very warm welcome from Delft.

There’s so much to look forward to! Check out the program, join us live in as many sessions as it makes you happy, and don’t forget the conversation happens 24/7.

Big hug to all!


Are you ready for Day 2? This morning from Delft we will be hosting three presentations and one lightning talk, and after lunch there are two fabulous workshops, both close to my heart: GO-GN and open learning materials in the Netherlands.

But don’t take my word for it and come see for yourself!

Or take an easy stroll in OEGConnect, visit the very many super interesting poster submissions, any time presentations, and leave a comment/questions for the authors. Do it now or you’ll regret it later! :wink:

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