Future of Writing Symposium: Pedagogy, Process, Potential May 1, 2023 in person and online

Maha Bali will be giving the opening keynote for The Future of Writing: A Symposium for Teachers, a free one-day event sponsored by the Writing Program at the University of Southern California and the Annenberg School of Communication.
This is an in-person and online interactive event on the future of writing (from first-year college writing to journalism, from professional to creative writing) and how we teach it. Explore the ever-changing norms of digital pedagogy and how our choices now will shape the classroom praxis of the decade ahead.


@mark.wilson : thank you for this information.
Could you please share the link to Maha Bali’s webinar? it is not clear from the schedule and programme where to access the virtual room.
Thanks for your answer and looking forward to this talk

Replying to myself :wink: In case others are interested, the link is: Webinar Registration - Zoom

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I’m sorry I didn’t see this at the time. I guess I need to adjust my notifications. :wink:
I enjoyed the presentations, I hope you had a chance to attend.