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I have a couple of questions about the pre-recorded sessions.

  1. How long are we supposed to make these?
  2. It sounds like we can just upload our video to youtube, and then we just put a link in a reply to our session page on connect. Is that it? Is there another way to upload these video files and/or slides so people can more easily find them?

Hi Karen,

I’d suggest aiming for a recording about the same length as the webinar presentations, 20 minutes. But there is no real policing here! It should be something that stands on its own for someone watching independently.

Rather than putting in a link to your YouTube, put the URL on a blank line and press return- it should embed the video just like it does in WordPress. See some examples here, many other sites can embed themselves nicely

You can upload images to put in the body of a reply as well as PDFs. Slides could be uploaded as PDF or embedded from Slideshare, or linked to Google Slides. If it were me, I would provide some links for references, and maybe some questions, thoughts to stimulate discussion.

I’m happy to give some feedback, it’s your writing space to provide more context to the presentation abstract.