How Compatible Is Explicit Instruction with OE Values?

At the risk of opening Pandora’s box (or the proverbial “can of worms”), I’m curious about members’ thoughts about Explicit Instruction (aka “Direct Instruction”; not OA; not OA either) in relation to the values at the centre of the movement for Open Education.

In other words, how might some reconcile the values we espouse in the OE movement and make an explicit push for teacher-led processes of instruction?

(Adopting those strategies is a completely different matter. I’m specifically thinking about “DI advocates”… and I strive to acknowledge all sorts of biases in the matter.)

Yes, broad topic. Potentially fraught.

As we say in French, I’m throwing a brick in the puddle.

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So, that didn’t work.
Which makes a lot of sense, for a number of reasons.
I might still revisit the topic, at some point. And make it clearer.

The basic notion is this: while OE is compatible with all sorts of ways to learn and teach, some of these come packaged with their own “worldviews” which may detract from our goals. I’m getting the definite impression that such was the pattern which made Open Pedagogy go dormant for some decades.
These days, a lot of OE talk is about OER use, which is itself quite fitting. What might be less fitting is when we use OERs to reinforce barriers to learning.