I am an EdTech Software Developer - Ask Me Anything

This seems like a fun way to interact, so I’ll give it a shot!

I have been a software developer, focusing on Open Source, for the past decade or so. I have worked in Higher Education (in Canada) for the past 10 years designing, developing, implementing, and managing Educational Technologies.

Ask me anything :slight_smile:

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Good day, thank you very much for the opportunity to share your experience. I would like to share doubts regarding the design of open software for assessment purposes, for example to assess the development of competencies, what elements should be integrated so that it can be generalizable, so that it can be adjusted to each context?

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Hello Maday, thank you for your question! I’ll do my best to provide my insight.

My favourite experience thus far with open tools and approaches to evaluating the development of competencies is the use of Jupyter Notebooks to create interactive learning modules that provide computation thinking challenges for students.

In this approach, educators are using open notebook software, such as Jupyter, to create interactive lessons that encourage the students to engage a topic through data, data analysis, formulas, and data visualisations.

For me, this approach is generalised enough to fit almost any subject or grade level, including K-12 and Higher Education.

For examples of this approach I would look to the Callysto Project (callysto.ca).

There are other platforms that provide tools to assessing competencies using computation thinking: Desmos & GeoGebra come to mind.

I think these tools provide a set of elements and features that could be adjusted to benefit in different context:

  • Create lesson content and evaluation into same learning module
  • Synchronous and asynchronous student engagement
  • Knowledge mobilisation as the primary pedagogical outcome

I hope I’ve at least touched your original query topic. Thanks again for your question.

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Thank you very much Yasin Dahi, your answer is very useful to me!!